You make my heart sing !

A new life begins…hoorah!

Only 3 months since my last blog and just over 2 months since our move to Sainte-Maxime.  How quickly time flies!

So much has happened and with the weather being so amazing since we arrived it felt like a very long holiday!

Even now in October, the first signs of Autumn are appearing, the colours are changing..the vineyards are putting their russet and yellow coats, plane trees are slowly losing their leaves and Monsieur Mistral is bringing that touch of freshness as it blows the clouds away, but the sun remains faithful and  swimming in the sea is still a pleasure !

I do love my new home..I love Sainte Maxime.

Making our dream come true ; never giving up  is what gives energy , joy and keeps us young!


scintillante - Acrylic on canvas / Acrylic sur toile

Now living in my favourite landscape  (and  I cannot imagine not being able to be so close to the Mediterranean ever again) , the words to describe my feelings are, fun, joy , each moment is an adventure.

I have painted a little, but felt I needed to let go of the past habits so that my heart could express all this joy and fun.. absorbing everything around me, the warm air, the sea, the colours, the boats, the hills, waiting to see where my new painting journey would take me.

I have always had a strong affinity with wood, trees of course. and now the water,  the sea.. the two together are now closely linked for my inspiration..

Le port de sainte-Maxime

Le Port de Sainte-Maxime - photo Annick McKenzie

Sainte-Maxime is a beautiful seaside town and the harbour is a delight ..just on my doorstep…I am discovering  so many sensations , like ‘seeing’ for the first the oneness of these two elements …wood and water… boats and sea….their coming together , reflecting each other , the sun , the light dancing with them. Shadows and light!

Painting on wood panels again and ideas are now really taking shape.

My camera is my other creative tool which is helping me collect many images of sea, hills, trees, sun, sea  etc…a  colourful kaleidoscope .

This is a new beginning, having a youthful mind and attitude,  living life this way each day creates joy and I am very grateful!

The first step on my new creative journey  : ‘ You make my heart sing’… one exciting step at a time !

you make my heart sing

'you make my heart sing' - 30cm x 40cm - acrylic on wood panel/ acylique sur bois


2 Responses to “You make my heart sing !”

  1. Renee says:

    Thought I’d log on to your website today and most certainly lifted my spirits after yesterday experiencing and allowing Tabby to pass away peacefully and onto Eagle Peak.
    Your paintings here definitely reflect your words and new feelings, vibrant and soothing at the same time.

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