Spring is afoot…

Winter is always too long for me …I miss the light and the cold holds me too tight in its freezing hands. I am always yearning for longer days, sunshine and warmth.The last few days, I have witnessed beautiful and hopeful changes .The first signs of Nature waking up from its long winter sleep.


In the woods near my house, snowdrops seem to always be the first to push their beautiful and happy little bell -like flowers through the hard and sometimes snow covered ground.

Their name in French is ‘perce -neige’ or ‘snow driller’  – symbol of hope and tenacity. They are the very first signs telling us that Spring is on its way and proof that Winter always turns to Spring.


The 21st March is the first day of Spring and this year, on this special day, my husband and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.

And I feel so fortunate because these have been 30 wonderful years together and with our two very special sons.

Also, this year will mark the beginning of a new chapter in our lives as we will be moving to the South of France making our dream come true and we will celebrate the first day of Spring at our favourite restaurant in the village where we will live.

Yes,  Spring is afoot,  and the snowdrops are reminding me that perseverance brings about new beginnings!

6 Responses to “Spring is afoot…”

  1. daria says:

    I’m so happy for you guys! Best wishes to you both and congratulations on your 30 years anniversary.

  2. Chris Yearley says:

    Congratulations, Annick! Wow! 30 years. Great to hear your news. Hope to see you both before you move. Loving the blog and the website. x

    • Annick says:

      Great to hear from you Chris..thank you for taking the time to write a comment..yes 30 years is a good run..lol and also we are going for our dream of over 20 years,moving to the South of France..perseverance, perceiving the time and making the time.we plan to go middle or end of May so hope to see you before we go..have you decided to stay in Cyprus?
      Glad you like the website and blog..I do enjoy blogging.

  3. Anita Franklin says:

    Oh you are so lucky. To have had the vision and the chanting to give you drive to make sure you get what you have always desired. Well done you. I hope you will both be very very happy in your new village. Enjoy.

    • Annick says:

      Anita my lovely friend..thank you for your good wishes..we can all have the vision and yes chanting helps me to keep the drive going, the perseverance..and achieve my dreams..nothing happens instantly , and transforming ourselves makes the journey worth it..If I can do it you certainly can !x

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