Letting go…

‘Courage is the power to let go of the familiar’   Raymond Lindquist

The time of going to France is fast approaching and as people who move house will know very well,  there is always too much of anything and everything stored away !

So many things we have forgotten about,  especially the ones put away safely    ‘just in case we might need them one day !’

After 23 years in our house,  you can imagine how complicated and time consuming the ‘sorting out ‘ is.

I am not a hoarder and I find it easy to just let go of the old and look forward to the new….not everyone in my family feels the same … my boxes of  ‘things to take to France ‘ are the smallest!

My studio is now practically in order,  ready for the new adventure.

I feel excited about the new works I will produce ,  fresh inspiration ,  new departure.  I  sense that my sketchbooks,  canvases ,  paint and brushes cannot wait either.

I found a small sketch I did a few years ago , whilst on holiday in Dorset and at the time,  I drew it with a large painting in mind.  It is going in one of my boxes to take to France and I know I will do the painting.  I have just the right canvas for it packed away in that same box!

Embracing the view

Embracing the view - neocolor crayons on card - 30cm x 20cm











2 Responses to “Letting go…”

  1. Oh Annick…Such an exciting time for you! Looking forward to seeing your new work!

    • Annick says:

      Jo-Ann my friend, thank you so much for your thoughts and taking the time to write them..yes, exciting time indeed!
      looking forward to be settled and start painting…before the end of the summer I hope!

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