21st Century ‘Gribouillages’

iPad Drawing by David Hockney

From his series Fleurs Fraîches by David Hockney

Last November my birthday present to myself was the Brushes application for my iPhone…

Of course, I knew of David Hockney’s new passion for drawing and painting on his iPhone and iPad… Every artist and admirer of this fabulous artist must have been amazed and somewhat intrigued by it.

I saw an interview and the artworks he created, but at the time didn’t contemplate to give it a try.

I admire David Hockney very much… Who wouldn’t love the man and his works and be inspired… I always responded instinctively to his style and especially his use of colour…

Festive Tree

Festive Tree

My twitter friend Alison Jardine, a British born artist now living in Texas, is also making art on her iPad exploring and enjoying the experience…

I started during the Christmas break, sitting with the family, after eating and drinking too much, iPhone at hand… It becomes an extension of myself sometimes, looking at FaceBook, Twitter, taking photos, listening to music, checking the football results… Now it is like having my tubes of paint at ready, in my pocket, in my hand, and the screen is the canvas, small but in this case size doesn’t matter!

For me as always, it is all about colours. Instant art, unique and it can reach anyone in the world as soon as it’s done.

Log Fire

Log Fire

The palette is amazing, and using my fingers to draw or move the colour around is fascinating and I must say it can become addictive..and you don’t get your hands dirty..no brushes to wash either!

It will never replace the sketchbook and pencil, it is another way to make art and I find it a very helpful tool for ‘gribouiller’ or ‘doodling’ while thinking about a new project or just enjoying the moment and the beauty in front of me.

Wherever I happen to be waiting, at the doctor’s, travelling on the train, in a traffic jam… instant art without the mess and it fits in my pocket or my bag.



I don’t know if or when I will get an iPad (when I sell a few more paintings, I think), larger screen etc…

But at the moment my iPhone is my favourite attachment (I know Buddhist shouldn’t have attachments).

All I want to do is play and create in colour. Simple !

I wonder what Henry Matisse would have thought of this new way of making art. Somehow I feel he would have loved it… Perfect tool!

Have a go, it’s fun!

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6 Responses to “21st Century ‘Gribouillages’”

  1. Renee says:

    Very impressive and the colours vibrant, technology never ceases to amaze me, I’m still blown over by how a radio works!!!!!

  2. Renee says:

    Forgot to say, a couple of years ago we watched a programme on Hockney and he was brilliant. I liked when he’d paint the same place at different times of the year.

  3. Chrissie says:

    That’s amazing that you can achieve those pictures on the iPhone
    I must get the app

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