The Last of the Melting Snow

Today is the last day of 2010…

A few days ago I went for a walk in the grounds of Taplow Court where I have lived with my husband and two sons for nearly 23 years. The snow was melting and nature looked so beautiful… I took some photos and pondered as one year is finishing and a new one is about to be born.


How was this year for you? Was it an easy one, or a difficult one but you had a great victory?

Are you still fighting and determined to win and achieve your goals ?

Each day is a new start, a new beginning… There is always hope!

2010 was a difficult year for me but through all the obstacles or for a better word ‘opportunities’, my life grew immensely and by going deeper I rediscovered how powerful my life is… It was the very year I needed to let go of many fears, take action so that my life could move forward happily and confidently.

TaplowDoubts about one’s belief to achieve or change anything are the ‘devils’ to watch out for. Doubts are part of life but if we harbour them they will slowly but surely take our power away… We all know the ‘little voice’ in our mind telling us it’s impossible, we can’t do it or it’s not the right time. How wrong that little voice is!

We can make the impossible possible and as we transform our lives, and our environment is also transformed.

As an artist, going through this’ rollercoaster’, was very difficult and often it was painful to paint or prepare for art fairs or exhibitions. But as I changed, I saw my work change, too, and because I had to dig deep to believe in myself I rediscovered the amazing feeling of peace and security that pervades one’s whole life when we know that we can be happy no matter what happens! Freedom!

Through this I found my conviction again and the courage to take the next step.

“When we walk to the edge of all the light we have and take the step into the darkness of the unknown, we must believe that one or two things will happen: there will be something solid to stand on or we will be taught to fly.”

Patrick Overton

We cannot always WAIT for the right time, we have the wisdom and the courage to MAKE that time.

In 2011, my lovely husband and I will make the change we wished to see: finding and moving to a new home, where the sun is shining most of the year, the sea is blue, the air is warm and you can smell the pine trees, the hills are carpeted with vineyards, the cicadas are singing, a place where, as an artist, I find my inspiration… I can’t wait!

I couldn’t get this lovely song out of my mind while walking, The Last of the Melting Snow by the very talented London based band The Leisure Society.

TaplowAs snow melts away, it uncovers the life we thought had disappeared, only to find that life is always there whether seen or unseen, perpetual hope… renewal… at each instant we can start again.

Much gratitude to you 2010……Hello and welcome 2011!

15 Responses to “The Last of the Melting Snow”

  1. Monica Redman says:

    I love the new website. Are you really moving? You will be missed.
    Hope 2011 brings you all you wish and hope for 🙂

    • Annick says:

      Coucou Monica, s’est sympa de te lire.. Yes we are moving . We decided last month and we are so excited about our great adventure..Just what we wanted for a is the right time and we now have to take action.. a bit scary at times but we will live the dream !
      Our new home will be in the South of France and we know the area we want to be, down to the town or village..keep reading my blog for further bits of info.
      Thank you for your friendship, we need to get together before then.
      Happy New Year to you and the family.

  2. AmaSilyS... says:

    WONDERFUL REFLEXION ANNICK, AS I WROTE YESTERDAY: The year is almost over… And although it has been difficult, I refuse to let the hard times steal importance to the happy ones…
    This was a year to learn a lot about people, art and what we can achieve together…
    Thank You for be one of my new artist friends!!
    God bless You, Your family and Your new HOME!!!
    HUGE HUG!!!

    • Annick says: are a star! thank you and I am happy you understand about learning from our challenges..
      Have a great 2011 in every way and we can share our adventures ..
      Happy New Year my friend !

  3. marcus says:

    Hi Anick. Wishing you and Andy a very happy New Year.
    Great blog. Here’s to more inspiration for 2011. See you soon. Marcus. x

  4. maggie aitken says:

    Wow, Annick! Congratulations. A huge change not only for your family but also all the friends who are very used to your faces and friendship around Taplow. Very best wishes to you on this next of life’s journeys.
    Scary and exciting I understand well. This last 16 months have not been easy and at times I’ve wondered why on earth I made such a dramatic change in my life. However things are falling into place and the challenges and soul searching are being replaced with a new sense of purpose in, like you and Andy, a much kinder climate.
    Much love to you all.

    • Annick says:

      Happy New Year Maggie!!! yes it is so exciting and I feel a sense of relief now that the decision has been know where our next chapter will take place..A dream I couldn’t believe could come true..many challenges to come but we know what to do with these don’t we.?..bring on human revolution!!! and the sunshine and everything we love about the Midi de la France! it is all about priorities and mission.
      New Zealand is much further than France..but it is all about what is right for our lives…
      Much love to you all.

  5. Anita Franklin says:

    Dear Annick I have just read all that you had to say. I am so pleased and happy for you and Andy, I hope you will be truly happy in you new home somewhere warmer, (Is it somewhere in France?) I remember you telling me years and years ago that your future was uncertain but by believing in what you believe in you could achieve what you wanted. So well done to you both. Be Happy. Much love. X x x

    • Annick says:

      Dear Anita…thank you so much for your words…Yes , it is in France, in the Var region, in the South near the Mediterranean..
      The time I spent here in Taplow was necessary for us to experience in order to be ready for now! ..we made so many friends, overcame many challenges and there’s is no regrets only gratitude…it’s about mission and creating value where we are and create our future!
      Middle of May should be when all is ready to make the wonderful and exciting move..The adventure has’s been too long ! wooo…
      Let’s get together soon.. much love to you and thank you for your friendship.xx

  6. Renee says:

    You both have played a great part in the beginning of the history of my practice and to be part of your history. The memories of spending time with you at the cottage remain forever in my heart. Thank you. I am so pleased you are making the move because I know it’s what you really want. And with technology we can stay in touch and I can see new paintings evolve.

    • Annick says:

      Thank you Renée..what memories we have and true friendship lives on forever….I am looking forward to make more art while being permanently in the landscape that inspire me and adore.. love reading your comments..keep them coming !

    • Annick says:

      Thank you Renée ..yes, great memories indeed and true friendship lives on forever. I am so looking forward to make more art in the very landscape that is my muse…
      living in it, seeing it, feeling it , absorbing it with my whole being…it will be incredible ..I am very fortunate !
      Lovely to read your comments, keep them coming.

  7. Julia says:

    Annick, you make being a kind-spirited, doubly talented in art and writing, flawlessly bi-lingual (and you might even have more languages I don’t know about!)friend look effortless. So glad I met you in 2010. Wishing you the best in 2011 with everything you do but especially for your big move!

  8. Annick says:

    Julia..mon amie du Texas !!! you are an inspiration and proof that one can make good and faithful friends even if you have never met them physically..Twitter rocks with people like you…so happy I have you in my life..and I will be waiting for you and family to visit me in the South of France ..good excuse for you to practise your already awesome French…Thank you and yes 2011 is the best year ever..

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